BMC’s ‘Team Canada’ races to win Vesalius Trust fundraiser

Vesalius Trust fundraising team co-captains: Jodie Jenkinson, Dave Mazierski and Cheryl Song

Join Biomedical Communications’ ‘Team Canada’ co-captains, Jodie Jenkinson, Dave Mazierski and Cheryl Song, as they race to raise $5,000 for the Vesalius Trust auction.

The annual Vesalius Trust auction supplements the funds used to advance the Trust’s mission. The Trust develops and supports education and research programs in health science communications. This year’s What’s the buzz? Vesalius Trust 2013 Live Auction fundraiser is the assembly of a team puzzle at the July 17-20, 2013 AMI meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Each team submits a top-secret image that will be made into a photo puzzle. In a July 18 timed event at the AMI meeting, Team Canada will assemble the puzzle. For each $50 raised, the team can add one puzzle piece. The highly confidential image can only be revealed if every piece is funded. The team that attends the auction with the highest sponsorship wins a prize—a prize tantalizingly described as “one-of-a-kind”.

Join Team Canada!

Jenkinson, Mazierski and Song invite you to join Team Canada at and help achieve their $5,000 goal. The names of each member to raise a minimum of $50 will be immortalized on the back of a puzzle piece. You do not have to attend the AMI meeting to join the team or be immortalized—just raise at least $50.

Sponsor Team Canada!

You can also sponsor the co-captains or any team member—anyone, it doesn’t matter whom as long as Team Canada wins—by clicking on the ‘Donate to this fundraiser’ button.

Mobilize your Networks!

You can boost Team Canada’s fundraiser by sharing this message to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter networks. Are you friends with Commander Chris Hadfield? Get him to retweet!

Cheer Team Canada!

If you attend the AMI meeting, you can even donate to the $5,000 goal at the live auction and cheer Team Canada’s legs as they race in shorts and flip-flops to assemble and reveal their photo puzzle entry.

by Maeve Doyle