Year 1 Fall

Welcome to BMC!

For the next semester you will be immersed in the study of human anatomy as you attend classes at the University of Toronto St. George campus. You will conduct full cadaveric dissection, while learning about traditional methods in medical illustration. You will also be introduced to 3D modeling technologies.



  • MSC1001Y Human Anatomy

  • MSC2001Y Visual Representation of Medical Knowledge

  • MSC2003Y Biomedical Communications Technology



  • Attend BMC orientation (mandatory)

  • Elect a class student representative

  • Apply to the BMC work-study program

  • Volunteer with the BMCAA

  • BMCAA UnCon (November)

  • Attend graduate presentations

  • Winter critique and awards (mandatory)

  • IMS Christmas party (December)



Masters research projects typically get started in the winter semester of this year, however now is a good time to think about topics that peak your research interests. Discuss ideas with the BMC faculty. Next semester, you will be choosing your committee, topic, and BMC field.