Year 2 Fall

In this semester, some of your coursework will contribute to the progress of your MRP. Depending on your field of study, you will learn interactive media technologies in the Media Design Field or animation and storytelling in the Visualization Design Field. In the Fall term of second year there are two required courses: Sequential Medical Communication and Visual Representation of Processes in Pathology. In Sequential Medical Communication, you will have the opportunity to work in co-design teams while creating demonstrative evidence for the Canadian courtroom and learn about the field of medical legal visualization.



  • MSC2002H Sequential Medical Communication: Demonstrative Evidence for the Courtroom

  • MSC2008H Community-Centred Design Research (elective)

  • MSC2013Y Master's Research Project and Paper (elective)

  • MSC2015H Interpretive Visualization: Cinematic Design and Preproduction (elective)

  • MSC2016H Visualization Methods (elective)

  • MSC2018H Visual Representation of Processes in Pathology



  • Elect a second-year class student representative

  • Apply to the BMC work-study program

  • Volunteer with the BMCAA

  • BMCAA UnCon (November)

  • Attend graduate presentations

  • Apply for Vesalius Trust scholarships (early November)

  • Winter critique and awards (mandatory)

  • IMS Christmas party (December)

  • Registered for your second term electives



The coursework will support the progress of your MRP during this semester. You should be developing the framework for your project during this time.

  • Hold your second committee meeting before the Christmas break

  • Submit your meeting minutes

  • Use the feedback from your committee to improve your research design moving into the next semester