Year 2 Winter

Students have the opportunity to take advantage of faculty availability and BMC facilities to make as much headway on their MRPs as possible. In the Visual Representation of Processes in Pathology course guest lecturers from the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, topics include overviews on cell adaptation and injury, inflammation, immunology, cell repair, and neoplasia, and the histology and pathobiology of specific regions and organ systems.  In the illustration component of this course students produce an original, conceptual medical illustration demonstrating pathological change in a tissue over time. At the same time, students prepare for the BMC graduate showcase – an opportunity to present their achievements from the past two years, and network with professionals in industry.



  • MSC2017H Visualization Technology (elective)

  • MSC2006H Advanced Media Design Technologies (elective)

  • MSC2022H Graphic Medicine Seminar (elective)

  • MSC2011H Special Topics in Biomedical Communications (elective)

  • MSC2013Y Master’s Research Evaluation Paper

  • MSC2019H Data and Information Visualization (elective)





  • Hold your second committee meeting in early January if you have not already had it.

  • Use the feedback from your committee meeting to improve your research design and push forward with production