BMC brings home the awards from AMI 2018

Biomedical Communications students and alumni returned successful from this year’s Association of Medical Illustrators’ annual meeting. The conference took place in Newton, MA in July, and a number of student, alumni and faculty from the BMC were in attendance.

BMC winners in Student Categories



Chelsea Canlas – Pathology of Oral Herpes – Award of Merit


Aileen Lin – False Alarm : Having a panic attack – Award of Excellence

Didactic/Instructional – Molecular/Biological/Life Sciences

Felix Son – Quantification of Cellular Organelle Size – Award of Merit


Felix Son – ATR-inhibitor : a novel approach to targeting the Achilles’ heel of cancer – Award of Merit



Andrea Lam – Ladybugs & satellite design : folding for outer space – Award of Excellence


 Lucas Lin – Automated robotic surgery – Award of Merit


Amanda Miller – Pigeons as pathologists? – Award of Merit


Lisa Qiu – Tomorrow’s perfect humans – Award of Merit AND Orville Parks Student Best of Show



Chelsea Canlas, Natividad Chen and Annie Tseng – Medical Genomics : from research to patient care – Award of Excellence

Lauren Huff – Adoptive Cell transfer : a new type of cancer immunotherapy – Award of Merit


Lee Jung-Hee – What is DLAC? – Award of Merit


Congratulations to all the winners!

Read more about the representation of BMC at the AMI conference here.