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About Linda Wilson-Pauwels

Linda Wilson-Pauwels, the former Director of Biomedical Communications (1986-2008), is Professor Emerita and co-author of Cranial Nerves,


De Koninck Y (P.I.). De Koninck P, Deschênes M, Gravel C, Parent A, Grütter P, Lennox R B, Piché M, Vallée R, Chin S L,  & Wiseman P. 2013. CIHR NeuroPhysics: Setting New Frontiers in Neuroscience. Wilson-Pauwels L. Collaborator and Co-Director of MScBMC visualization research projects.

De Koninck P (P.I.), Charette P, Chin SL, Côté D, De Koninck Y, Duchaine C., Fine A, Leclerc M, Marceau N, Vallée R, Wiseman P. 2012. NSERC CREATE Biophononics Training Program. Wilson-Pauwels L. Collaborator and Co-Director of MScBMC visualization research projects.

Wilson-Pauwels L. Conference Grant Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp., Merck Research Laboratories. 2011. AMI Baltimore Conference, July 20-23, 2011, Tremont Plaza Hotel, Baltimore, Maryland.

QPRN group (Quebec Pain Research Network). 2010-13. Wilson-Pauwels L. Collaborator and Co-Director of MScBMC visualization research projects.

Wilson-Pauwels L (co-P.I.), Bajcar J (co-P.I), Etchells E, Paton T, Bacher M, U D, Woolridge N, Jenkinson J, Brierley M, Sutherland B. 2005. Green Shield Canada. Evaluation of an innovative technology-based medication organizer for patients and their health-care providers to reduce adverse events following hospital discharge. ($51,131)

Wilson-Pauwels L (co-P.I.), Bajcar J (co-P.I.), Jenkinson J, Woolridge N, Brierley M, Sutherland B, Spero L. 2003-2005. Merck Frosst Canada Inc. – development funding for “Proof of Concept Phase” for PharmaPlanner, a data-structured retrieval system that generates a pictorial PharmaMenu and PharmaLibrary for the management of medication (3 years $115,000)

Salter M (P.I.), Bushnell C, Choinière M, Coderre T, Collet J, Davis K, De Koninck Y, Dostrovsky J, Henry J, Katz J, Lavigne G, Mogil J, Ribeiro-Da-Silva A, Seguela P, Sessle B, Stevens B, Wilson-Pauwels L. 2002-2009. CIHR STIHR Training Grant, “Pain Research from molecules to Community – Collaborative National Training Program.” $2,018,040 for 6 years plus additional year of funding – $305,500 ($130,000 for MScBMC students).

Visual Media

For examples of Linda’s work, visit the Faculty section in our Showcase.

Examples of the textbooks that Linda co-authored and illustrated can be found at



  • Wilson-Pauwels L, Stewart P, Akesson EJ, Spacey S. Cranial Nerves: Function & Dysfunction – third edition. PMPH-USA Inc., Connecticut
    • English Edition, PMPH-USA, 2010
    • Chinese Edition, Peoples Medical Publishing House of China (PMPH), 2013
    • Spanish Edition, Editorial Medica Panamericana, Buenos Aires, 2013
    • Russian Edition, 2013
      (See for illustrations.)
  • Wilson-Pauwels L, Stewart P, Akesson EJ. Autonomic Nerves. BC Decker Inc., Hamilton 1997 (130 illustrations by L. Wilson-Pauwels)

Journal Articles

  • Wilson-Pauwels L., Gralapp C. 2011. Ruth Coleman Wakerlin: A Visionary Leader. Journal of Biocommunications. 36(3)E99-104.
  • Wilson-Pauwels L. 2009. Jan Wandelaar, Bernard Siegfried Albinus and an Indian rhinoceros named Clara set high standards as the process of anatomical illustration entered a new phase of precision, artistic beauty, and marketing in the 18th century. Journal of Biocommunications. 35(1)E10-17.
  • Cheng A, Wilson-Pauwels, L., Mazierski,D., Wall, S. 2008. Using the principles of interactive cartography to communicate the mechanisms of migraine pain. Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine. 31(3):103-109.
  • McMahon, E., Wilson-Pauwels L., Henry, J., Jenkinson, J., Sutherland, B., Brierley, M. 2008. The Iconic Pain Assessment Tool: Facilitating the translation of pain sensations and improving patient-physician dialogue. Jounal of Biocommunication, 34(2):E15-19.
  • Saunders, J., Kern, R.Z., Wilson-Pauwels L., Woolridge, N. 2007. Information Design and Usability Testing of a Migraine Diagnostic DVD Teaching Aid.Journal of Biocommunication.33(2)E17-21.
  • Wilson-Pauwels, L., Bajcar, J., Woolridge, N., Jenkinson, J. 2007. Biomedical Communications: collaborative research in scientific visualization, online learning and knowledge translation. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 81(3)455-459.
  • Lui, M., Jenkinson, J., Bajcar, J., Piquette-Miller, M., Wilson-Pauwels L. 2007. Integrating Instructional Interactivity in a 2-D Animated Learning Environment to Enhance Educative Value. An Online Pharmacogenetics Course for Practicing Pharmacists. Journal of Biocommunication 2007: 32(3) E36-E42.
  • Mader, S., Wilson-Pauwels, L., Nancekivell, S., Lax, L., Agur, A., Mazierski, D. 2005. Medical-legal Illustrations, Animations and Interactive Media: Personal Injury Lawyers’ Perceptions of Effective Attributes. Journal of Biocommunication. 2005: 31(3) 1-12.
  • Stewart, P.A., Wilson-Pauwels, L., Cameron, T. Neurons, Animated Cellular and Molecular Concepts. MedEdPORTAL; 2005. Available at
  • Lee, B, Bajcar, J, Wilson-Pauwels, L. Literature Review of Medication Adherence Aids. Canadian Pharmacist Journal, 2004;137 (5).
  • Wilson-Pauwels, L, Bajcar, J, Woolridge, N, Sutherland, B, Jenkinson, J, Brierley, M. Bridging the gap: A web-based visual database of medications to address the cognitive needs of patients and the information needs of patients and their health-care. Journal of Biocommunication. 2004:30(3).
  • Lax, L, Rogers, T, Brierley M, Wilson-Pauwels, L, Mackay, M, Visualization of Forensic Demonstrative Evidence for the Canadian Courtroom: A collaborative initiative between Biomedical Communications and Forensic Anthropology. Journal of Biocommunication. 2004:30(3).
  • Lax, L,Taylor, I, Wilson-Pauwels, L, Scardamalia, M. Dynamic Curriculum Design in Biomedical Communications: Integrating a Knowledge Building Approach and a Knowledge Forum® Learning Environment in a Medical Legal Visualization Course. Journal of Biocomnunication. 2004: 30(1)5-10.
  • Jenkinson, J, Woolridge, N, Wilson-Pauwels, L, McCready, D, Brierley, M. Development and Evaluation of the Sentinel Node Biopsy Continuing Professional Development Course. Journal of Biocommunication. 2004: 29(4).
  • Polk, J, Woolridge, N, Wilson-Pauwels, L, Jenkinson, J, Mackay, M. Improving Parents’ Early Recognition and Understanding of Infant Cranial Abnormalities Through Web-based 2-D Animations of 3-D Structures. Journal of Biocommunication. 2004: 29(4).



  • Brödel Award for Excellence in Education – An annual award given by the Association of Medical Illustrators to a 20 year + member “to recognize and honour a medical illustrator for outstanding educational contributions to the profession of Medical Illustration (Annual conference in Indianapolis, July 2008).

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