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Dave Mazierski


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About Dave Mazierski

Dave Mazierski graduated from the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at U of T in 1982. His first project was to illustrate the world's first atlas of camel anatomy, and he has contributed to many other medical and scientific books, including Grant's Atlas of Anatomy. He currently teaches foundation courses in digital media production and illustration, as well as undergraduate courses in scientific visualization, while also maintaining a freelance illustration studio. Recently, he completed an MSc in vertebrate paleontology, supervised by Prof. Robert Reisz at the U of T Mississauga campus.

Research Interests

  • Integration of analogue and digital media for scientific visualization.
  • Origins of herbivory in late Carboniferous/early Permian synapsids.
  • History of illustration in vertebrate paleontology.


  • Developing curriculum for new undergraduate courses in health science communication being taught in CCIT at the Mississauga campus of U of T.
  • Ongoing work with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, illustrating their accreditation manual and journal articles authored by their professional members.

Visual Media

For examples of Dave’s work visit the Faculty section of our Showcase.


  • Agur, M.R.: Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy. Ninth Edition 1991. Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore. (Mazierski D: 40 illustrations)
  • Smuts, M.M. and Bezuidenhout, A.J: Anatomy of the Dromedary 1987. Clarendon Press, Oxford. (Mazierski D: 300 illustrations)
  • Du Gas B., Knor E.: Nursing foundations, a canadian perspective 1995. Appleton and Lange Canada, Toronto. (Mazierski D: 395 illustrations)
  • Ritter B, Gibb T, Hirsch A, Plumb D, Worrall E: Nelson science 9 1995. Nelson Canada, Toronto. (Mazierski D: 27 illustrations)
  • Mack M, Landreneau R, Hazelrigg S: Effusive diseases of the pleura and pericardium. Laparoscopic surgery 1994 June: volume 2 number 1: pp 21-30. (Mazierski D: 4 illustrations).
  • Page R, Donnelly, R: Minimally invasive treatment of pulmonary blebs, bullae and pneumothoraces. Laparoscopic surgery 1994 June: volume 2 number 1: pp 31-35. (Mazierski D: 5 illustrations).
  • Borders B, Rubin J: Determinate and indeterminate pulmonary lesions. Laparoscopic surgery 1994 June: volume 2 number 1: pp 36-41. (Mazierski D: 1 illustration).
  • Pellegrini C, Way L: Thorascopic esophagomyotomy. Laparoscopic surgery 1994 June: volume 2 number 1: pp 66-70. (Mazierski D: 3 illustrations)

Future Interests

  • Reconstruction of paleontological skeletal material using 3D software.
  • Evolution of herbivory in basal synapsids.
  • Evolution of the middle ear and the morpholgy of impedance-matching structures through time, visualized by the use of 3D animation.

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