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Image of Jodie Jenkinson, Mr. and Mrs. Shahani, and Vijay ShahaniThe Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry Education Research and Practice (CERP) journal published Vijay (1T5) Shahani and Jodie Jenkinson’s paper, “The efficacy of interactive analogical models in the instruction of bond energy curves in undergraduate chemistry.”

The authors researched two analogies to introduce students to the concept of potential energy wells. Pre- and post-tests of the analogies demonstrated how critical the importance of design in education is.

The research paper appears in CERP’s April 2016 issue.

Naveen Devasagayam, croppedACCN, Canadian Chemical News magazine published a science communications story about Naveen (1T5) Devasagayam and Jodie Jenkinson’s research into visualizing molecular interactions while capturing the relationships “between molecular structure, composition and spatial orientation within the tight confines of a living cell.”

The article, “Bringing an artist’s sensibility to molecular landscapes” by Tim Lougheed appears in the March/April 2016 issue of the magazine.

by Maeve Doyle

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