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Photo of Nick Woolridge

Nick WoolridgeBFA, BScBMC, MSc, CMI

Director/Associate Professor


Room 314, Health Sciences Complex

Nicholas Woolridge conducted his graduate work in the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto. SPAR Aerospace funded his research on the development and formative evaluation of a semi-immersive clinical simulation for medical students. Professor Woolridge conducts research in risk visualization, cell and molecular modelling, and mobile applications in health. He co-authored with Michael J. Wiley Anatomy 300/303 Interactive Lab Companion, and co-authored with Jason Sharpe and Charles Lumsden In Silico: 3D Animation and Simulation of Cell Biology with Maya and MEL, a book on 3D graphics programming in biological visualization. Currently, he is a tenured associate professor and the Director of the Master of Science in Biomedical Communications.

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Courses: MSC2003Y, MSC2015H

Faculty & Staff

Photo of Michael Corrin

Michael Corrin, BFA, BA, Hons BSc, MScBMC, CMI

Assistant Professor Teaching Stream


Room 328, Health Sciences Complex

Michael Corrin graduated from Concordia University with a BFA in 2002, and then went on to complete a BA and Hons BSc at the University of Winnipeg in 2004. Following his undergraduate studies, he went on to receive a Master of Science in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto. He currently teaches foundation courses in digital media production and illustration, including the surgical illustration subsection of MSC2001Y.

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Courses: MSC2001H, MSC2006H, MSC2007H, MSC2011H

Maeve Head

Maeve Doyle, HBA

Graduate Program Administrator


Room 308, Health Sciences Complex

Maeve joined the Master of Science in Biomedical Communications program in 2010. She manages administration, graduate recruitment and marketing, and liaises with the program’s very active alumni community.

Enquiries from potential applicants, employers with opportunities for our talented students and alumni, and any Biomedical Communications related enquiries are welcomed by Maeve.maeve_final

Maeve graduated from the University of Toronto with a double-major in Professional Writing & Communications, and Communications, Culture & Information Technology. She has a strong interest in online media and was the Social Media Lead for the highly successful Marshall McLuhan Centenary Celebrations.

Maeve tweets as @MScBMC.

Visit Maeve’s website at maevedoyle.ca.

Caricature courtesy of Natalie Cormier, MScBMC 1T5



Photo of Marc Dryer

Marc DryerHons BA, MSc, MScBMC

Associate Chair—Undergraduate, Department of Biology/Associate Professor Teaching Stream


Room 310, Health Sciences Complex

Marc Dryer is an Associate Professor, Teaching Stream in the Biomedical Communications professional Masters degree program. His teaching and research is in the area of 3D biomedical visualization and animation. In addition, he is cross-appointed to the Forensic Science faculty at the University of Toronto where he engages in practical research concerning 3D forensic facial reconstruction and the visual communication of this unique type of data to the public.

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Courses: MSC2016H, MSC2017H

Photo of Jodie Jenkinson

Jodie Jenkinson, BA, MScBMC, PhD

Associate Professor


Room 324, Health Sciences Complex

Jodie teaches courses in research methods for visual communication, interactive media design, and information and data visualization. Her education includes a BA in Art History and French from McMaster University, an MScBMC in Biomedical Communications from University of Toronto, and a PhD in Education from University of Toronto. Her research is concerned with the role that visual complexity plays in learning.


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Courses: MSC2003Y, MSC2008H, MSC2019H

Photo of Leila Lax

Leila Lax, BA, BScAAM, MEd, PhD

Assistant Professor


Room 308, Health Sciences Complex

Leila teaches and conducts research in the Master of Science program in Biomedical Communications. She teaches a 2nd year graduate course called Sequential Medical Communication: Demonstrative evidence for the courtroom. Leila supervises student research and conducts design research in Visual Knowledge Building & Translation (vKBT). Her research interests include visual media, pedagogic design, socio/cognition, and assessment of face-to-face, blended, and eLearning environments for health professions and interprofessional education.

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Courses: MSC2002H

Photo of Margot Mackay

Margot Mackay

Professor Emerita



Margot Mackay is a tenured Professor who taught the surgical illustration component of the Biomedical Communications program. Her illustrations have been widely published in surgical textbooks, peer-reviewed medical journals and many of the images have been used extensively in projection media. Her research interests lie in development of educational visuals material pertaining to surgery for surgeons, residents, allied health professionals and lay audiences.



Photo of Dave Mazierski

Dave Mazierski, BScAAM, MSc, CMI

Associate Director, Biomedical Communications/Associate Professor


Room 326, Health Sciences Complex

Dave Mazierski graduated from the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at U of T in 1982. His first project was to illustrate the world’s first atlas of camel anatomy, and he has contributed to many other medical and scientific books, including Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy. He currently teaches foundation courses in digital media production and illustration, as well as undergraduate courses in scientific visualization, while also maintaining a freelance illustration studio. Recently, he completed an MSc in vertebrate paleontology, supervised by Prof. Robert Reisz at the U of T Mississauga campus.

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Courses: MSC1001Y, MSC2005H, MSC2012Y

Photo of Derek Ng

Derek Ng, BSc, MScBMC, PhD

Assistant Professor


Room 322, Health Sciences Complex

Derek teaches courses on web-based health and science communication, interactive media design and development, and biomolecular visualization. His education includes a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Alberta, a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Toronto, and a MScBMC in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto. His current research focuses on developing and evaluating novel data visualization and interaction methods and tools for knowledge discovery, interpretation, and communication in molecular biology.

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Courses: HSC401H5, MSC2020H, MSC2008H

Photo of Brian Sutherland

Brian Sutherland, MEd, PhD (in progress)



Room 328, Health Sciences Complex

Currently, Brian teaches “HSC402H5: E-Learning Environments in Health Care”, which he co-developed with Meaghan Brierley and Leila Lax. He also assists graduate students with evaluating educational designs, and developing advanced server, mobile, augmented reality and IoT-type healthcare communications applications.

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Courses: MSC2006H

Photo of Shelley Wall

Shelley Wall, AOCAD, MScBMC, PhD

Assistant Professor


Room 312, Health Sciences Complex

Shelley teaches courses in pathological and bioscientific illustration, research methods in biomedical communication, and writing for healthcare. She is a faculty mentor with the Collaborative Graduate Program in Women’s Health at the University of Toronto, and a member of the Coalition for Research in Women’s Health at the Women’s College Research Institute.

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Courses: MSC2004H, MSC2005H, MSC2007H, MSC2018H

Photo of Linda Wilson-Pauwels

Linda Wilson-Pauwels, AOCA, BScAAM, MEd, EdD

Professor Emerita



Linda Wilson-Pauwels, the former Director of Biomedical Communications (1986-2008), is Professor Emerita and co-author of Cranial Nerves, cranialnerves.ca.

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